Must Have Music #003

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which is is impossible to be silent
— Unknown

One time, when I was 23 and leading a group of study abroad students on a pub crawl in Prague, I got lost about halfway through the night. This just so happened to be back in my drinking/partying days, so this story is a bit out of character for me now....but it must be retold.

When you get lost on a pub crawl....

When you get lost on a pub crawl....

And I don't know if you've ever led a pub crawl, or signed up for one, but in Europe, they do it a lot different. Not to mention there is a shit ton of bars, and they tend to change pubs like every 30 minutes, so it can get chaotic quick. Long story short, about 5 bars later with close to 100 people, I got super lost on the pub crawl. And I don't know if you've ever been lost on a pub crawl,  but it's somewhat terrifying and awesomely awesome all the same time. 

And while Prague is a pretty big city, it drastically changes from day to night, and quickly becomes a whole new adventure. Trust me on that one.

Anyways, all I knew, was that it was about 1 AM, and it was likely that most of the group had either left the bar I was still at, or had gone home entirely. And while I was pretty much half in the bag at that point (probably a lot more than that), instead of making the good decision and going home to rest up for our free day tomorrow, I decided to roll with it and see where the night took me. 

Prague, an entirely different city at night.

Prague, an entirely different city at night.

Short story short, I remember leaving at some point in a taxi with a group of Brits who I met at a bar (you can always trust the Brits, right?) and heading to some major club on the outskirts of town at about 2:30 AM. A few more red bull vodka's and an awesome laser show later, I was rocking out to a lot of 'Euro club' music that made your whole body vibrate. Like SERIOUSLY. You could feel it in your bones.....I don't know where they found those speakers, but it put me in a trance, and at some point, I found myself on stage in front of thousands of people dancing my ass off with no idea how I got there. I was in the zone, somehow, and there were other people up there too, all facing the group and dancing our asses off.

I couldn't tell you who I was with, what I was thinking (or doing), just that I was jumping about ten feet high fist pumping and jamming out like some sort of rad international DJ. Which I most definitely am not. And while I probably thought I looked cool at the time, I probably looked like a HUGE idiot. Funny how music can bring you back to moments like that....and for some reason, the track below brings my directly back to that night, for completely unknown reasons. 

The whole night is kind of a crazy story, and super embarrassing, but again, I have no idea how long I was there for, who I was with, where I was, or what the hell I was doing. All I can remember from the end of the night was music like this (below), which brings to my Must Have Music post #003. 

And while I'm not a huge fan of Tiesto, this song (and music like this in general) brings me back to those spotty crazy memories of that faint night in Prague that clearly was something out of a movie. And all these years later, I still think back to that night, wonder how the fuck I ended up on stage with that DJ for a few minutes, and how much of an awesome idiot I must have looked to all those people dancing in the crowd. 

How I probably looked on stage

How I probably looked on stage

Lastly, I feel like it's important to note that I was kicked out of the club at some point. More like, "The DJ had enough of my shenanigans," but it's obviously an important conclusion to the story. At least he had good music though.

I still couldn't tell you the name of the Prague Club it was, but I prefer the term "escorted." The club was closing pretty soon anyway, but I'll tell you what. That dawn and sunrise in Prague at 6 AM was totally worth watching on my 45-minute walk back to the hotel. 

Pretty sure it was a brit who helped point me back to the city center, too. Crazy times. #FBF. Our next Prague trip will most definitely have better decisions on my behalf, I promise. 

~ Cam King

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