I don't really like writing bio's about myself. I think they are weird, and writing about myself gives me a weird feeling, but let's give it a shot, eh?!

I've always been kind of a rule-breaker and love to push the envelope where I feel necessary. I've broken a few bones and learned a lot of good lessons that way, but more importantly, I have come to find out that it's better to swing for the fences and miss than to never try at all. I guess that's why we started this bring about a revolution in travel & fitness - two of my insane passions. 

So far, I've been able to travel to 39 countries in my 29 years of life, and have met some truly incredible people on this journey. I love listening to other people, sharing experiences, and living on the edge all at the same time. Personally, I think the view is always better from the edge, but that's just me, right? 

Lastly, I am a skydive instructor, have a lovely girlfriend named Meghan who is way cooler than I am, a German Shepherd named, Sadie, and a best friend and business partner in Tony Beringer. I tend to run a lot of this company behind the scenes, so if you need anything or simply have an idea and want to chat, email me anytime at:


Favorite Travel Destination: Split, Croatia

Favorite type of WOD: Chippers

Favorite food: Salmon, Kale, Sweet Potato

Home Box: CrossFit Southie