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Two more Games athletes have reportedly tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Both masters athletes Shawn Ramirez and Kelli Holm have been reported by CrossFit HQ as having failed drug tests at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

Photos courtesy of @shawn_theram and @kelliholm

Photos courtesy of @shawn_theram and @kelliholm

Shawn Ramirez in particular is a shocker for any fan of the sport. Shawn, for those that do not know, is a dominant 4x masters champion in the 40-44 age group. Outside of the individual competitors he is perhaps the biggest star in the sport, and he faces a four year ban. Shawn is still under an appeal process, and has sent his supplements out to be tested.

Kelli Holm is another masters athlete, albeit a less known name. She has since responded on social media indicating that she did nothing wrong, she had her supplements tested, and they have come back tainted. Thanks to her cooperation, she faces only a 2 year ban rather than the full 4 that most have received.

To be honest, I am surprised these are the only names we have heard tied to doping at the games thus far. There was a ferocious wave of positive tests that came out around regionals time, and it has been quite silent since the games. I hope this is a positive trend, and we aren't going to be met with a bunch more busts in the near future. CrossFit as a sport prides itself on embracing health, clean eating, and overall wellness. To take PEDs to win in this sport is such a contradiction, and I hope nobody else is cheating their way to the top.

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