Bucket List: Nevis Catapult

There’s a moment bungee jumping, when you’re free - falling. The air actually feels thick. Almost like it’s keeping you afloat more than pushing you down. And you forget to be scared. You forget to be anything. You’re just... still and falling at the same time. At the end, when the bungee catches, you’re actually disappointed because it felt so good. It’s over too soon. It’s the upside of falling down. It’s why you jump in the first place... for that moment.
— Rebekah Crane


About the Nevis Catapult

The world’s first Human Catapult just launched in New Zealand and you better add it to the bucket list. Officially open as of August 8th, 2018, this incredible experience can only be experienced all the way down under.

Yes. The AJ Hackett Bungy NZ company (the OG bungee jumping company that commercialized the sport in the first place) is the creator of this epic experience, and to repeat myself, you absolutely gotta try this thing out.


Besides the obvious one of needing to fly to New Zealand, you must have $172 New Zealand dollars (or about $112 USD), be 13 years or older, and weight under 280 lbs. (Imperial). And at this point, you’re probably wondering, how long does it last? Is it worth it? Well, if you watched the video, you can see it is one HELL of an experience and literally flings you out from the platform while strapped into a harness while tied into the high-tech winch system that rockets you out nearly 500 feet across the Nevis Valley at more than 60 miles per hour. Of course you are strapped into a bungy system itself so there is no whiplash, but still….what a rush. Let’s watch another quick video here.

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You are also probably wondering how they get you back…..well, they reel you in via a motor. As if it wasn’t scary enough that you fly out from the platform, just wait until the longest minute of your life happens as they wheel you back in to the top….#IsItOverYet?

From what we’ve read so far, the whole ride takes three to four minutes from start to finish. Speaking after you drop, of course. And with up to 3G’s of force and an acceleration of around 62 miles per hour, you barely have time to scream (unless you’re me of course, I’ll be screaming before I go) but with only 1.5 seconds and over 492 feet to go, the whole experience is over in a blink of an eye (sadly).

Co-Founder, Henry van Asch said of the experience, “I think people are going to get a pretty big kick out of it. For me, the most exciting part of it is how surprising it is - the speed, the height, and the sudden drop. You don’t know exactly when you’re going to go either and that adds to the fun.”

So, when can you go?

With a variety of options and activities to do in both Queenstown and Auckland, the AJ Hackett Bungy Company has all the bases covered, year-round too, calling you to New Zealand for a taste of adventure. And with the fact that this is the highest bungy jump in New Zealand (as well as the world) the only question is….will you do it?

Oddly enough, New Zealand is one of the best places to travel to globally right now, and has long enjoyed a successful self-branding of, “The adventure sports capital of the world.”

Oh, and about the safety record…

The AJ Hackett Bungy NZ’s safety record is absolutely spotless, so you can be sure you’re in perfect hands no matter which activity you choose. Read more about them on TripAdvisor here.

Photo courtesy of: TripAdvisor & AJ Hackett Bungy Company NZ

Photo courtesy of: TripAdvisor & AJ Hackett Bungy Company NZ

Check out their website here and as their website reads #LiveMoreFearLess

From the Bungy.co.nz website:

Get ready for an insane ride on the biggest and most extreme catapult in the world! You’ll be propelled 150m up and out across the Nevis Valley, experiencing up to 3Gs of force as you reach speeds of almost 100kms an hour in 1.5 seconds flat. A hair-raising drop will have your blood pumping and you’ll be screaming for another hit! There’s a reason our crew dub it the Thriller!

Book Now: www.bungy.co.nz 0800 286 4958

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