#WODoftheWEEK 1.8.2018 '24 EMOM'

"Every minute on the minute, whether you like it or not."

CrossFit The Port in Portsmouth, NH

CrossFit The Port in Portsmouth, NH

Our #WODoftheWEEK this week is brought to you by our GOOD friends over at CrossFit Portsmouth (The Port, if you will) who I just found out, are the third oldest box in New England. after CFNE anddddddd I'm not sure. Ask their head coach, Justin Mahan next time you drop in here. He'd totally know. 

Pretty cool fun fact if you're into the history of New England CrossFit boxes....

Anyway, just because they are old, doesn't mean they can't bring it. They've got some AMAZING programming, excellent coaching staff, and we've had the pleasure of having several of their members on some of our trips, which has been awesome to see because they are all incredible people. Plus, their graffiti inside the box is top-knotch.....I always love a box with some good graffiti. 

That sound weird to you? 

If you're ever up in the Portsmouth, NH area, drop in and say hello to them! Super friendly, excellent facilities, and fire programming. Check out their site here. 

If you want to read the original post, you can find it on their blog here.  

Now, Let's get to the workout. 


24 min EMOM
Min 1 – 18/15
cals on row
Min 2 – 10 burpee box jump overs
Min 3 – 1 squat clean + 30 DU’s
Min 4 – rest

*the squat clean would be very heavy, think like 80 to 85%
EMOM with the strength/skill session built in. This one will sneak up on some. Make sure you understand that in order for an EMOM to do its job, you must have a rest each minute or pace the movement out to bring down your HR. Really develop a plan in full and be ready to have a backup.


I hit this workout with Ashley, and a few of the other coaches at CFP and it was a spicy one! Between the power cleans, burpee box jumps and the row, I was definitely gasping for breath during that minute rest. 

Me during the WOD - "I'm good. I swear!"

Me during the WOD - "I'm good. I swear!"

Not to mention, Ashley was doing TWO power cleans and some of the other coaches were cleaning about 245 lbs to my measly 205. It was a long 24 minutes to say the least, but a damn good workout. Pick your poison on the power cleans, but the box jumps, rowing, and double unders will catch-up to you, I swear. 

Write the workout down, and again, props to CFP for programming such an awesome workout! Can't wait to drop in here again. 

And don't forget out check out CFP here

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