Wisdom of the Week- Toes to Bar Drills!

Happy Wednesday Fitness Fanatics!!!

Aimee and Marc are hitting us with some serious knowledge this week, talking about those pesky Toes To Bar. As a recap, last week we talked about what you need to do to successfully perform the movement.  THIS week, they are giving us a really neat drill to help develop some key musculature and familiarity, that translates nicely to the movement!

One of the most important things to note this week is: this is a DRILL, not a SCALE. The reason for this is you want to avoid scaling when it does not take you through the full range of motion. This drill is a segment of the total movement designed to help hone your skills and strength, but it should not replace the actual movement in a WOD as it will not benefit you through full range of motion.

That being said, grab a buddy and give this one a go! As you practice your gymnastic beat swing, have a friend hold a PVC pipe horizontally in front of you, about chest height. Practice engaging the lats and the core as you bring your knees up, and kick your toes out towards the PVC. Then, make sure to STAY TIGHT and bring your legs behind you, sending your hips forward right into the next beat swing. Try to do small sets of this with a lot of rest to stay fresh and sharp. Start with the PVC pipe down low, and work it up a little higher as you improve.

This drill will not only help build core strength necessary for Toes To Bar, but it will also help develop the foot/eye coordination necessary to easily complete Toes To Bar, and it allows you to get into a comfortable rhythm on the bar! Try this one out, it will help a lot. Any questions, take a video of yourself performing the skill and send it to Marc and Aimee at marc@voyedgerx.com or aimee@voyedgerx.com, and they will give you some help!

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