Travel WOD - "Jump Around" 2.23.2017

Ever have the feeling of restless leg syndrome? That's your body telling you to workout! Especially the lower halves of us crave exercise. And with most people sitting down for almost 8 hours a day at work, our bodies DEFINITELY need to get moving once in a while. 

Do you drive home too? There's another 30-60 mins where the lower half of you is at rest. Bodies were made to move - and it's important to get any sort of exercise when and where we can. 

With that being said, we've got a great lower body travel WOD for you this week. Courtesy of Coach Larry. 


3 Rounds

  • 21 Air squats 

  • 15 Squat jumps 

  • 9 Tuck jumps 

Need help with any of these movements? Watch these three quick thirty second videos for more info on how to perform each of these movements properly. 

Each of these travel WOD's serve as purpose...when there's not a box or a gym around, your body is your best friend. Use it with the power of gravity and get toned before your very eyes. We'll perform each of these on our next excursion when there is a planned travel WOD. 

Take a peek at Larry's Travel WOD page for more bodyweight burner workouts.