Wisdom of the Week - Introducing the Muscle-Up

That's right- the most coveted gymnastics movement in the sport of CrossFit, the muscle-up, is the star of our next Wisdom of the Week series! Watch the videos and keep up with the blog over the next 4 weeks to learn some helpful accessory drills to get your first strict muscle-up.

Yes, I did say STRICT muscle-up. Just like it's taught during the L1 certification, before you can even consider performing a kipping muscle-up, you need to be able to master it strict first.

The strict muscle-up is performed with the legs out straight and in front of the rings.

The strict muscle-up is performed with the legs out straight and in front of the rings.

We already discussed the importance of working strict before kipping for both the pull-up and handstand push-up, and the muscle-up is no different. If your muscles haven't developed the strength to perform it strict, it is risking injury to kip the movement.

Anyway, this week's video simply demonstrates the movement, and gives a few tips on why you might be struggling to get that first muscle-up. Try keeping your knuckles together until the rings reach your chest- people often break and pull the rings apart too early.

Stay tuned for drills and accessory skills to build strength and practice the transition and turnover!

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