Wisdom of the Week - Travel WOD's Part 2

Tired of doing burpees, air squats, sit-ups, and push-ups on repeat while you travel? Last week we gave you squat jumps and grasshoppers- here’s 2 more bodyweight movements to add to your Metcons!

The V-up is a deceiving core exercise that is much easier said than done. Anyone with a gymnastics background will be all too familiar with these! If it is too difficult for you to do this exercise as prescribed, DON’T PANIC! These require A LOT of core and hip flexor strength. Our video has some scaling options, such as reaching for your shins or knees.

On the chair dips- always get a full range of motion. If you aren’t able to do that with your legs straight, you can scale by bending your knees. Remember to squeeze your glutes and core tightly! If these are an easy movement for you, try increasing the reps. Trust me, you will feel the burn if you do enough!

For full travel WODs, check out Coach Larry’s page- he will give you a killer workout that you can do anywhere!

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