Travel WOD 9.30.2017

We've got another killer #TravelWOD for you from Coach Thomas, or Larry as we like to call him. 

He's been super busy coaching power lifting at Northeastern University and at Reebok CrossFit One down in Canton, MA - but he's been throwing us some really great Travel WOD's in between his busy schedule. Side note - his Clearwater Beach, Florida itinerary in February 2017 is coming up! We're almost done with the itinerary and you can subscribe here, for when we're done with it. 

Anyway, here's the WOD #3 from Coach Thomas. 

For Time:

100 Push-Ups

EMOM 5 Burpees

Literally every minute, you're dropping down and hitting five burpees before hitting the push-ups here. No doggin' it either. Have good form. Period. No excuses. 

The key here is getting off to a fast start. If you can bang out 25 in the first minute (or more) before hitting those burpees, there's really no reason why this whole WOD should take you over 5-6 minutes. Hit those push-ups fast and hard right after the burpees. Quick transitions - and again, have great form. 

Comment below with your time! And follow Larry Thomas on Twitter @CoachAthleteT for more inspiration and WOD's. 

And if you need help perfecting either one of these two movements, here's a quick intro video on each. Good luck with this travel wod guys! A great chest and pectoral muscle workout for sure. 

If you want a great guide on how to the perfect push-up, then check this guide out here. 

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