Built For Speed - Not Comfort. Tim's #WODoftheWeek

I'm not especially built for strength, but my absolute favorite kind of WOD's are anything inclusive with cardio. You see, one thing about CrossFit I've come to realize is that you can truly focus on one of two things. Either strength, or cardio. CrossFit is truly the pinnacle of both (where they meet) but athletes tend to fall on one side or another. Usually. 

Some of CrossFit's best athletes fit right on top of that mountain. Where the intersection of strength and cardio lay. There's a few of those in my box, but from what I've seen thus far (three months into my CF career) people tend to fall on one side or the other. Strength, or cardio. 

Me?  Well I'm built for speed. Working on the strength part, it'll take time and a lot more food, but I'm fighting my way up the gene pool right now. Give me cardio all day - I'll be there, but the strength portion comes with time. 

Anyways, I wanted to share a great WOD, for those newer CrossFitters out there. A burner for sure - but nonetheless, a totally doable, achievable one. Here it is: 

18 min AMRAP. 

  • 30 double unders

  • 10 hand-release push-ups

  • bottoms up (1 pood 35 lbs.) 50m walk left arm

  • bottoms up (1 pood 35 lbs.) 50m walk right arm

Test it out. It's a good one for sure. Keep that heart rate up - and use the 'Bottom's Up' portion as your rest. 

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