KILL CLIFF is on board #TeamVRX

KILL CLIFF is a brand I deeply admire. I've always looked up to them as a brand, a company with killer messaging, something that stands for something..... Started from a Navy SEAL, KILL CLIFF has now become a premiere brand in the CrossFit community and I couldn't be more proud to have them on as a sponsor for what we're trying to do here at VoyEdge RX. 

Josh Bridges - KILL CLIFF athlete and former Navy SEAL

Josh Bridges - KILL CLIFF athlete and former Navy SEAL

Tons of CrossFit Games athletes  are sponsored by KILL CLIFF, including my favorite athlete of all-time, Josh Bridges. But seriously, these guys not only train and work harder than anyone else, they all stand for something.

KILL CLIFF is more than just a recovery or coffee drink, it's a brand and company that gives back just as much as it gets. And like many others, I can't get enough of their product or content. 

Again, not to blow my lid all over KILL CLIFF's shadow here, but I am extraordinarily proud VoyEdge RX landed on their radar as a company who's trying to do something for people all around the world, in the CrossFit community and outside of it. 

Not only do they have some of the best advertising I've ever seen, they are at every single major CrossFit event, support the Navy SEAL Foundation and really go above and beyond as showcasing themselves as an elite brand with an actual GREAT product. 

You just don't get that kind of 'feel' to a company these days. Great product, great messaging, vibes and an OUTSTANDING mission to accomplish, while always giving back to the community that supports them. God, I love Kill Cliff...

In case you missed it; VoyEdge RX is aiming to bring people of all backgrounds, athletic abilities and ages on tours that push people out of their comfort zones. We're headed to Iceland, Costa Rica, Europe and beyond and we're hoping to cultivate a new breed of vacation.

Now, getting to the good stuff here...when you book a VoyEdge RX trip, you'll now be getting a KILL CLIFF 'Blood Orange' can in your welcome package. As well as a VRX T-shirt, discounts to all our promo partners, Muscle-up bars and more....

Now...we just got literally six cases of KILL CLIFF and have 143 cans left to send out....who's booking a trip? 

See you in Costa Rica in February 2018! Link is down below.