Wisdom of the Week - "Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort."

Interesting title, right? 

Sorry for the segway here, but Marc is busy finishing his master's thesis and Aimee is kicking but as usual, so I'm here to fill in for this week's #Wisdomoftheweek. 

Sidenote: No, I'm not going to teach you how to do muscleups, like Marc and Aimee's awesome Instagram videos. 

But, here's the deal. I've been watching and listening to A LOT of TED Talks before bed and on my way to work. They've been slowly changing my small habits (like snacking on bad stuff) and improving the small things we tend to let go each and every day. Things like checking Facebook too much, being on our phone for too long and not showing enough gratitude on a daily basis. 

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With each TED Talk (TED stands for Technology, Education, Design) I watch, I'm able to improve a few things here and there and am finally beginning to use my time in an optimal manner. My mood has improved, I've been able to get more done, and I'm feeling more thankful, grateful and just better overall. It's really reassuring to hear people who are older, younger, from a different background, or from some place you've never even heard of about how they're tackling some of life's most indicative issues. That - and knowing they have the same problems you do gives you inspiration and motivation to overcome.

Now, I listened to this TED Talk from Bill Eckstrom of the Ecsell Institute about how he overcame being fired and learned to grow as a human being. It may not sound like the most thrilling talk of all-time, but his words really hit home for me: 

"Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort." 

It's kind of interesting when you say it to yourself a few times...I mean, what does that really mean at the end of the day? The entirety of Bill's TED Talk covers how the security blanket of our lives is a bad thing - and how we can only truly begin to grow when we leave our warm beds, cozy jobs and casual ease of life. 

Do yourself a favor and spend 12 minutes listening to this man. This talk just hit me right at the perfect moment this morning and It's something I certainly plan on coming back to in the months to come. 

So, whether or not you agree with Bill Eckstrom, let me know how you think people can truly grow and improve on themselves. For me, I couldn't agree more with this guy, but I understand some people grow in different ways. Life shouldn't ALWAYS be a struggle, but sometimes when you jump into the chasm, you surprise yourself at how far you can actually make it. 

Life really does begin at the edge of your comfort zone, and that's something we've been trying to hammer home since Day 1 with VoyEdge RX. 

Shoot me an email, ask me a question and I'll hope to see you on a future VRX trip. All the best. 

~ Cam King 

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