#WORKOUToftheWEEK 6.1.2018 'Ken Zink'

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Workout submitted by: Lacey F. of Upper Cape CrossFit

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"Ken Zink"

7 RFT:

71 Double Unders

14 Deadlifts (135/95)

6 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

9 Front Squats (135/95)

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Ken Zink - RIP

Ken Zink - RIP

This workout was created as a tribute (by CrossFit ASAP) for Ken Zink, San Pablo, CA Police Officer William “Ken” Zink who died in a motorcycle accident on Interstate 80 in Vallejo on September 29, 2016.

The 71 double-unders represent Zink's badge number. He served for 14 years to the US Coast Guard, hence, the 14 reps for deadlifts. 6 reps for his 6 years of service to the El Cerrito PD. Lastly, 7 rounds for Zink's 7 children. 


This is not an easy workout by any means. It's a tough grueling one that is going to take you the better part of 25-30+ minutes and rightfully so, it is a lot of work (especially with the double unders) and is something you should find a good rhythm with. Coming hot out of the gate will only leave you sucking for wind later down the line, so go into it with purpose, but maybe slight increase your speed through the workout as you get warm. Feel it out first, then push yourself. 


Plenty of scaling options here. Below is what we would recommend for this WOD. Try to keep the same number of reps, but lower the weight. If you need to, scale the rounds to 5 instead of 7. The point should be to keep a good pace throughout this entire workout. Not blow yourself out of the water. 

7 RFT = 5 RFT (RFT means 'rounds for time')

  • 71 Double Unders = 100 single unders

  • 14 Deadlifts (135/95) = 10 deadlifts (or scale weight as necessary to 95/65)

  • 6 Hang Power Cleans (135/95) = 6 hang power cleans at (95/65)

  • 9 Front Squats (135/95) = 9 Front Squats at (95/65)


If you are ever down on Cape Cod for the summer, go and visit our friends at Upper Cape CrossFit!

They are the Cape's most active box community and are always going on hikes, sailing, rowing, running road races and having community outings. Not to mention they have an amazing box, awesome members and a welcoming coaching staff whether you are a full-time Cape resident, or just dropping in while on vacation. Check 'em out this summer for sure here. 

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