Must Have Music #13

He say, “I know you, you know me”
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
— The Beatles - 'Come Together'

This week's Must Have Music' track was submitted by Emily R., who is a veteran of our Costa Rica trip and is a damn good tune by, Gary Clark Jr. and is a cover of The Beatles - ' Come Together.' 

Listen to this track below right now.


Gary Clark Jr. A modern-day rock god. 

Gary Clark Jr. A modern-day rock god. 

Now, I woke up today (June 4th, 2018) to a 45-degree rainy day in New Hampshire and this was just the track I needed. It's a grind, slimy, whiny, but in all the perfect ways to get you through a rainy cold Monday morning.

It's powerful, and the lyrics make you feel understood in a way only the best songs can. Add in the fact that this song has some killer guitar riffs and you've got yourself a slow-rock song to help keep your sanity as you sit in traffic on I-95 in bumper to bumper traffic. 

Stay cool. You got this. Power through with some Must Have Music.

Also, did we mention yet that Gary Clark Jr. is a modern-day rock god?


Check some of his music here and tell us we are wrong. Oh, and he is also on tour. And you KNOW if someone is covering a Beatles original to this extent and putting this much spin on it, he's probably pretty damn good. 

Find him on tour here. 

Your Thoughts?

So, what do you think? Is this a Must Have Music track? Do you like it or nah? It is definitely a stray from our usual EDM tracks, but as far as this one goes, I am in. 

Let us know what you think in a comment down below and submit a track to us via the button below. Till next week, people! 

P.S. We know the Justice League Movie sucked, but this song sure does make you forgive it as the title track for the movie.....right?

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