Travel WOD "Susan" 2.23.2018

"You can’t turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again." – Bonnie Prudden   

Fitness can be found anywhere. Even a desolate beach!

Fitness can be found anywhere. Even a desolate beach!

Our next travel WOD comes from Tim over Fit At Midlife. Tim is a CrossFit and functional fitness enthusiast who is passionate about spreading real world, practical fitness, and exercise and nutrition methods.  

“Susan” is a bodyweight, no equipment classic. First, we’ve got a short, but intense run of 200m. Great for an intense, peak-power output sprint, or you can take a slower pace if desired. Next comes 10 squats (with bodyweight only) and 10 push-ups. This is a great full body workout. You feel great about ½ way through – and then not so much! Let's get to it, and save this one for your arsenal next time you travel. Double up the rep scheme if you want! 


5 Rounds for Time

Run 200m

10 squats

10 push-ups


Why is ‘Susan’ one of Tim’s favorites?  For a lot of reasons.  How about simplicity?  No equipment needed and all you really need is a short distance to run – or a treadmill.  There’s not a huge learning curve – can you run?  Air squat?  Do a push-up?  And talk about time-efficient – you’ll be done quick – but it’s also not an easy workout if you really push the pace.

And lastly – it’s home and travel-friendly.  Can’t make it to the gym?  Susan is a great go-to for almost any location. Want to double the work? Do it!

And wherever you choose to do this workout, it’ll be perfect in a hotel with a treadmill, or anywhere with a short distance you can run. And that makes it great for business travelers. By the way, ‘Susan’ is one of the dozens of no-equipment, home and hotel friendly WODs that will be served up by the Fit At Midlife Home and Travel WOD Generator.  

Tim originally created this to keep in shape despite a packed business travel schedule – but his greater motivation was to share it with the community.  It’s a free web page, nothing to download, no app to install and it works on Windows, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.   No ads, no pop-ups, and you’ll be up and running in seconds.  

You can check it out at or email Tim at:

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