VoyEdge RX engages in all kinds of fitness. Whether in a gym, or outside of one (or on top of a mountain), we love staying fit. And part of that is knowing your body and being mentally aware of what it can and can't do. That's why on every one of our trips, we throw in some outdoor workouts full of bodyweight movements designed to fatigue you perfectly.

Travel WOD's or high-intensity bodyweight movements are the perfect substitution and can be done in a gym, or outside of it. That's why we integrate them into our trips in multiple cities. We'll be dropping in to plenty of boxes, but where dropping in may not make sense, we'll make up for it by including a variety of travel WOD's.

We have put together a number of travel WOD's, hotel WOD's, and even outdoor WOD's for us through a series of blog posts for you to enjoy and us to pull from when you join us on a trip!