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The Workout

Courtesy of: CrossFit Southie

“Reverse Jerry”

2000m Row
1 Mile Run
2000m Row

Time Cap: 28 Minutes

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Important Notes: In the event that an athlete is still rowing when the 28 minute time cap is reached, the athlete must release the handle as soon as time expires. Your score will be determined by the distance that shows on the monitor after rollover meters stop accumulating. If the rollover meters push you over 2000m after the time cap, your score will be 28:00. One second will be added for every meter not completed.

“Reverse Jerry”

“Reverse Jerry”

Strategy: This was one of the workouts from The 2018 CrossFit Southie Showdown and is pretty brutal. Typically, Jerry is run one mile, do a 2k row, then run one mile for time. This time, it’s reverse so you are rowing a 4k. Brutal. Obviously, the run matters here, as most 2k times for competing athletes will vary by under a minute, or many times, less, so if you are looking to ramp it up at any point in the workout, it should be the run.

As for the row, anytime between a 6 minute row to about an 8-minute time should be what you are gunning for here. Like I mentioned, times will different, but not by that much where most people will probably finish the first row around 6:45 to 7:20. The run is where you are going to make your money. The second row may take anywhere from 7 - 8 minutes.

Scaling: If you are doing this workout on your own, at the box or elsewhere, feel free to scale the row to a 1500 or 1k even. Keep the run the same and push it there. But, this workout is DOABLE by everyone and should be tested for aerobic capacity, regardless of your time.

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