Staying Fit On The Road: Exercise & Travel

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Why Exercise?

While our lives become more sedentary, making room for exercise in your life is even more important. When people think about exercise goals, they normally consider how it can trim their waistline and aid in weight loss. However, the benefits extend beyond the cosmetic. Exercise makes you happier by increasing positive neurotransmitters that can relieve stress and decrease symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. It beats fatigue and makes you feel more energetic while also promoting brain function and improving sleep. Exercise can even boost your libido and reduce pain related to depression.

Travel + Fitness = Happiness

Travel + Fitness = Happiness

Traveling and Exercise

Traveling is a great way to expand your worldview and meet new people. However, it is also an interruption to your daily life and habits. That kind of interruption can make it difficult to keep up with your exercise routine. If you are trying to stay fit, taking a week or two to travel can be detrimental to your progress. Aerobic conditioning declines, and your body starts to lose muscle mass. By the time you get back to the gym, you will have a harder time doing your workout.

However, you can maintain your progress by working to stay active and fitting in a few short, high-intensity workouts when you can. You see, it’s not necessary to forgo fitness just to enjoy the open road. Below are some of our favorite tips for staying fit while traveling.

There's always a reason to stay while traveling.

There's always a reason to stay while traveling.

Tips for Exercising While Traveling

●      Stay in a hotel with gym access. While you may not have access to the equipment you usually use, that can be a good thing. Changing things up in your workout helps boost your metabolism and build muscle. Embrace diversity in your workout and enjoy its benefits.

●      Use exercise as a medium for exploring where you are. Bring your running shoes with you and hit the pavement to see the sights. Not only will you be staying on top of your fitness goals, you will also be experiencing the city as a local would.

●      If you have a dog, bring him along for exercise motivation, especially if your vacation includes some great outdoor scenery. Go hiking, trail running, or visit some local parks where you can get some jogging in or do some work on an agility course. Exercising with you dog isn’t just effective, it’s also enjoyable!

●      Incorporate fitness activities into your itinerary. Rent kayaks on the lake or book a walking tour of the city. Remember that doing even a bit of physical activity is better than nothing at all, and every minute counts.

●      Nothing makes you less motivated to work out than a hangover after a night of partying too much. Avoid drinking alcohol or at least designate it for special nights when you don’t have a workout planned the next day. Not only does it demotivate you, alcohol is also dehydrating, interferes with the body’s recovery, and ruins the quality of your sleep.

●      Pack a jump rope in your luggage and commit to using it throughout the day. Jump ropes are lightweight and incredibly effective for building cardiovascular strength as well as toning muscles.

●      If you are going to a beach area, you are in luck. The beach is a great location for fitness. Pick up a game of volleyball, swim, or enjoy the calorie-burning boost of walking in sand. Just be sure to lather on the SPF!

Adventures around Lake Como, Italy in August 2017!

Adventures around Lake Como, Italy in August 2017!

In Culmination

Exercise is important for physical and mental health, but many people slack off when they travel. Rather than losing all your practice, commit to staying fit while on vacation. Stay in a hotel with gym access or find ways to incorporate exercise into your sightseeing. Bringing an exercise-loving pal like your pup can help motivate you. Avoid drinking too much and missing out on activity because of a hangover and dehydration. Bring lightweight equipment like a jump rope with you or choose a location where you can stay active like the beach to ensure you can continue exercising while traveling.

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