"BADGER" - Hero WOD #WODoftheweek 9.23.2016


I fucking LOVE Hero WOD's (workout of the day). Why? Because they stand for something. They stand for everything. They stand for the ultimate sacrifice. I know, whenever I'm doing a Hero WOD, that the person's name (in this case, 'Badger') suffered a hell of a lot more than I'm going to suffer in the next 30 minutes, so it makes me give it my absolute all. 

That's why chippers (or Hero WOD's in general) are my favorite kind of workouts. They are tough, they are grueling, and you feel like you're working out for a cause when you're doing them. 

So, every time I go to my box after the day, and see a 30+ minute WOD there, I smile. Because I know my hard work here matters. It matters to the memory of Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, of Virginia Beach, VA, AKA "Badger" who was a badass Navy SEAL, and was unfortunately killed in Iraq on December 11th, 2007. 

Hero WOD's give me chills. When I do them, I think about that individual. I think about all they gave for their country and it inspires me to push myself to the absolute brink of what I'm capable of. This one's for you, Badger. 

Read more about 'Badger' on CrossFit.com and watch the demo video down below. 


3 rounds for time

  • - 30 Squat cleans (95#,65#)

  • - 30 Pull-ups

  • - 800 meter Run

Easy right? Think again. Much MUCH harder than it looks after the first round. I saw some pretty damn good times at CrossFit Southie the other night, but when I did it, it was Day Four in a row of CF for me - and I came in looking like burnt toast, but mustered through with a time of 32:00 minutes flat, and can't wait to do it again. 

Post your time after you do, "Badger" in the comments below. 

Get at me with questions, comments or concerns at: cam@VoyedgeRX.com and I'll hope to see you on a future VoyEdge RX trip! Check out what we have going on down below, and I'll see you on a tour soon. 

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