Travel WOD 2.10.2017 "Pistol Pete"

In case you missed it, our Coach Larry Thomas (of Commonwealth CrossFit and Reebok CrossFit One Nation) just got his Level THREE certification. Which puts him in the upper echelon of CrossFit coaches. Congrats Larry, can't wait to have you running some of these travel WOD's on some trips! 

Now, let's jump on over to some of these travel WOD's. On every trip, we'll have ample opportunity to do some of these workouts, so don't discount them. You will see them again! 

Here's the travel WOD of the week, coming at you straight from Larry's arsenal. Attached down below is a video on mastering the 'Pistol' movement. 

"Pistol Pete" 




*200m run after each round*

Post your times to comments! Before and or after the trip. You'll see Larry on both our Costa Rica and Iceland trips. Click down below for more details.