#WODoftheWEEK 'Gym-Nasty' 10.31.2016

5 Rounds for Quality (Not Time)

  • 5 Wall Facing HSPU

  • 5 Ring Skin the Cat

  • 10 Alternating Rolling Pistols 

How to do handstand push-ups 

How to do a rolling pistol

How to do a skin the cat

And why not for time you ask? Because most people tend to overlook these movements and do them completely wrong. 

Check out each of these videos and take your time to learn the progressions into these skills.

Focus on the quality of each rep and be mindful of your form.

Most CrossFit injuries happen because the average crossfitter lacks the mechanics to perform the gymnastics skills required to become an RX athlete. These three skills will help build a solid foundation for any level athlete.

Never neglect the basics. Let's dive in...

Wall Facing Push Ups

Everyone has seen that person doing HSPUs with a HUGE arch in their back, and we all sit back with that face of “that looks like it hurts.” Even I am guilty. So why don’t we turn things around. Facing the wall with take the arch out of your back and force you to hold a hollow body during this movement. The kicker, you have to do these strict! Start building those muscles in the right way, so when you do these the regular way, your muscle memory will kick in and your numbers will sky rocket! 

Cant kick up into a handstand yet? No problem. Check out Carl Paoli’s Handstand pushups progression videos on YouTube via Freestyle Connection. Lots of great material from this former gymnast. 

Rolling Pistols

I don’t know about you guys, but pistols can become kind of tough for me. I lack range of motion in my right leg due to some ankle and knee injuries so this little exercise give me a little push all while still getting that posterior chain activation. For all you non former gymnasts, this candle stick roll is also a brain training exercise. These will help with your motor development which will transfer to any gymnastics skill down the road. 

Skin the Cat

This lovely little movement is why we are not doing this workout for time! So many people think its fun to play around on the rings and go upside-down…but what happens once you get to the other side? Well, your either end up with a torn rotator cuff, or hopefully, you are strong enough to pull yourself back over. Shoulder injuries are rampant in CrossFit so working to your end ranges, and then having to pull back, will strengthen all those tiny little muscles that stabilize your shoulders. 

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