Coach Larry's Favorite Travel WOD

Ok, so this is going back to the main reason why we started a, "CrossFit Travel Company" but Larry asked me to share one of his all-time favorite travel WOD's. 

Whether you're in a hotel room, campground or anywhere else, Larry assures us this one is a burner, and has been his go to for years. We've all been there. On a business trip, family gathering, vacation or what have you - and that itch happens. When we go 'Shit, I really need to workout.' 

And thus, travel workouts were born...because we all know those crappy hotel gyms ain't gonna cut it for 5-7 days. 

Here is it: "BAMBI" 


20 Minute EMOM

10 Air squats

10 Forward lunges (5each)

10 Reverse lunges (5each)

Larry reckons it's pretty good. I personally prefer to mix in some upper body movements (push ups, or HSPU's if my hotel room is big enough) but I feel like this one will satisfy your legs for a day or two. 20 minutes is a damn long time anyway...

Shoot Larry a note on Twitter and let him know what you think: @AthleteCoachT

Coach Larry 

Coach Larry 

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