Working Out Outside The Box - Are Spin Classes Ok to do for CrossFitters?

So I Went to a Spin Class This Weekend...

By: Tim Frankie

If you missed my first blog post about starting CrossFit, then you'll probably ask, 'Who the hell is this kid?'

The answer? I am a spin noob. A few humble weeks ago, I was a total CrossFit noob and I was in no way ready mentally or psychically ready for what was in store for me at either class.  Spin or CrossFit. These are two wild beasts of their own and are not to be taken lightly. Seriously. 

This past weekend I visited my buddies in Boston for a little getaway from New York. I got in on Friday evening and on Saturday, the original plan was to go to the Cape for a little relaxation on the beach. When we woke up early Saturday morning my buddy Max told me that we were going to a spin class first, simply because he had a coupon to the class that his job gave him...he ushered me in as a CrossFitter and told me I'd be able to take it. Whimpering internally because I thought I had a couple rest days from CrossFit, we went into it totally we go I thought...

Once again in less than a month I was placed into a situation where I had a preconceived notion on how an experience was supposed to be. Most likely there would be an over energetic person instructing the class to move our butts while using profanity in the most positive way possible. Well let me tell you that this instructor at Turnstyle Boston did not disappoint in that area.

I walked in and clicked my rental bike shoes into their designated pedal clips and within in an instant the black lights came on, and  Florence and the Machine started blasting. The MIT Phd instructor insisted that we all got the f**k up and assured us how beautiful we were.

Long story short, within the 45 min of pedaling I did things on a bike that I never thought to do and moved in ways that before I wouldn’t have thought logical. I stood up, sat down, shook my butt, clapped my hands, and curled 5lbs weights to the rhythm of Dog Days Are Over (it was a Florence themed blacklight class), and even woooooo’d in the a moment of weakness (or strength depending on how you look at it). I vaguely remember at one point looking over at my friend as he was gasping for air and told him I hated him with a smile. When is was all over, my thighs were chafing, my legs were jello and  my clothes were soaked. The instructor ended with a final “WELCOME TO THE F**KING WEEKEND,” and he was right, at that moment I was ready to take on anything.

I actually think they caught a video of my class...

Things that I took away from my experience.

1: If you are a butt guy, you must brave the experience and find a nice back row to work hard and enjoy the view. Kidding. Go in front, it'll put you in the limelight and make you work that much harder. You'll thank yourself for it. 

2: I have so much respect for the people who go to this day in and day out and push themselves. It truly is an amazing workout. Just. Bring. Water. 

3: I would do it in a heartbeat if my friend had another coupon. I don't know how varied the workouts would be day in and day out, but the energy levels were intense. An hour is all you need - and it really is a killer workout. 

Maybe we'll incorporate a spin class here and there on our next couple VoyEdge RX itineraries. 

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