Wisdom of the Week 12.7.2016

Hey everybody, it's Aimee again! With the end of 2016 approaching quickly, for a lot of people that means setting new goals for 2017. At my box (CrossFit Blue Diamond in East Longmeadow, MA), at the end of each year, we have members write out on a big white board 3 specific and attainable goals for the new year- a goal you want to achieve in 3 months, 6, months, and by the end of the next year.

I'd say over half of our athletes write out goals pertaining to pull-ups, whether it's strict, kipping, or both. This week’s Wisdom of the Week gives a FANTASTIC scale for developing the strict pull-up, which in turn develops the building blocks for the kipping pull-up.

The banded pull-up allows for a full range of motion while still providing assistance. This is a great substitution during a metcon, but also great for skill work outside of class as well. Doing sets of these a few days a week will increase strength and you will see results in no time!

We'll stick with the trend of doing 1 minute videos each and every week, but for now, see our advice on mastering the banded pull-up[ (great for beginners) and getting one more step closer to crushing those WOD's at an RX level. 

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Hope to see you on some trips! Marc and I will be on the Northern Italy + Switzerland trip next summer! See the dates on our trip calendar here. 

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