#WODoftheWEEK 12.5.2016

Hey guys, hope everyone is well this week. My turn to pick the #WODoftheWEEK this time and I had to do some serious thinking as to which WOD really kicked my ass over the past couple months...there's been a lot lately..

Not a hard decision there as I'm always pretty beat up after a WOD (that's the point right?) but one I specifically remember at a recent CrossFit competition has left me with more than a few questions...and that's none other than the benchmark WOD, 'Diane' 

Here's the WOD: 

21 reps - 15 reps - 9 reps 


Deadlifts 225#/155# 

Handstand push-ups 

Gross, right? Yeah...being a tall guy, this isn't the ideal WOD by any means. But at last month's Southie Showdown (at my home box CrossFit Southie) I had to encounter this beast of a WOD. It was also my 5th WOD of the weekend and again, not tall guy friendly. 

The one crazy thing about this WOD at the Southie Showdown, was I got to watch the Elite division go ahead of the RX heats and I saw multiple guys finish in the 2 minute range.. I was blown away to be honest. Never before seen that many big dudes move that much weight so fast. 

And again, the deadlifts aren't the hard part. The handstand push-ups most definitely are. Why, you ask? Well, simply because they are the ultimate technique movement. It takes a longtime to master them (for me at least) but I don't have a friend that's ever just 'gotten them' it's a very foreign movement overall. 

Anyway, if you're struggling with handstand push-ups, here's a tutorial video by: Jungle-Fit.com. 

One way to scale this WOD is by doing hand-release push-ups or knee push-ups. Regardless, 'Diane' is a great and challenging WOD. It's got some very heavy deadlifts, but also some technique and skill work that you will definitely feel as it takes it toll on you throughout the entire WOD. 

My time? Embarrassing...but I didn't finish in the 10 minute cap. I finished the deadlifts on par with everyone else, but only got 18 handstand push-ups in the remaining 9+ minutes....

Reminder to self: work on handstand push-ups 

Post your times below - and good luck this week. Hope to see you on a trip soon. Shoot me an email if you need a promotional code. 

- Cam King // staff@voyedgerx.com

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