There's a Butterfly Museum in Vienna - aaaaannnd I'm stoked.

If you don't like butterflies, then get the hell outta here, cause nature is a beautiful thing. 

butterfly museum

Listen, Tony & I just wrapped up creating our, 'Budapest to Oktoberfest' trip for 2018, and while those 8-days are jam packed with everything from Castles, to thermal baths, pubs, beer tastings, workouts, hikes and more, there's one thing I could not be more stoked about seeing.

And that, my friends, is the Schmetterlinghaus.

Better known as the, 'Imperial Butterfly House', located in the heart of Vienna, is something I am looking to do more than ever. Why, you ask? Because I'm the kind of guy that appreciates nature. Especially while in the middle of a city. I mean, what could be more glorious than stepping into a nature-filled glass structure complete with thousands of flocking butterflies? 

I mean, this place looks awesome. 

The Schmetterlinghaus - AKA The Butterfly Museum 

The Schmetterlinghaus - AKA The Butterfly Museum 

I'll admit it, sounds kinda stupid at first take, but nature's got me good. At my roots, I'm a kid from New Hampshire who spent ample time outside, getting dirty, not showering for days at a time, probably wearing the same pairs of pants day after day, and one thing I learned from my youth was that nature fucking rocks. 

I really find it relaxing just to be outdoors, and to appreciate just how complex, furious and awe-inspiring the little things around us can be. It has nothing to do with butterflies, really, but thinking about the millions of species that are scattered around our planet, it's something that really draws me in, and truthfully, I think butterflies are an emblem of nature's wild systems at work. And that's just part of the reason I'm stoked to go to this butterfly museum. Not to mention, it's like 6 euros, too....

The Schmetterlinghaus is just one of the things I'm stoked to be going to on this trip, and really, there's a whole shit ton of other things to be excited for, like the hike up to the Berchtesgaden, one of Austria's National Parks, and location of Hitler's "Eagle's Nest," or his WW2 hideout above Salzburg, also known as the, "Kehlsteinhaus."

hitlers eagles nest voyedge rx

After the 4-5 hour hike, there's a restaurant with an overlook up there, and you can learn about the history of this building, as it was used exclusively by the Nazi Party for government and social meetings. Adolf Hitler was reported to visit there a number of 14 times, but was noted to have hated the location due to its location, his fear of heights, risk of bad weather, and thin mountain air. Kind of funny, ain't it? 

Again, not to persuade you a ton about this trip, but there's lots of outdoor activities to do, in-between seeing some of Central Europe's most intriguing cities. And let's not forget about Oktoberfest, either. 

Yes, touring through Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich will be fucking awesome, too - but damn, for real....when I get to that butterfly museum, you're going to catch me with a wide grin, stoked to see some colorful winged creatures zig-zag through the plethora of plants and other simulated natural habitats. And that, is going to be a very surreal moment, my friends.

If you want to read more about the 'Butterfly Museum,' click here. 

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Again, I hope you're somewhat enticed by this, but the real gem of this trip is going to be seeing the German's at their finest. Dressed up, ready for Oktoberfest, and all giddy with the smell of fresh-brewed Bavarian beer in the air. There just ain't nothing better than that.

And I can't WAIT to show it to you in person. You won't be disappointed, I swear it! Just be ready to get in spirit and purchase your own Lederhosen or Drindl, too. 

See you there? 

~ Cam 

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