#WORKOUToftheWEEK 10.5.2018

Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.
— Unknown

This one comes from our friends at CrossFit Kallithea in Athens, Greece.

This awesome box opened their doors early for us so our group had the whole space to ourselves. We loved their outdoor rig (Only in Greece, right?!), plus the coaches were attentive, knowledgeable and made sure everyone felt comfortable with every movement.

This workout seems simple on paper but it was a burner! Gymnastics, weights, cardio - what else could we ask for? Check out the workout below and try it out!


The Workout


7 Bar Muscle Ups

14 DumbBell Snatches (50/35)

200M Run


Scale for Bar Muscle ups: 7 Burpee Pull ups. Or do less reps to get through them without having to resort to singles. You can also do ring rows instead of pull ups, but make them challenging.

Scale for Snatches: Lower the weight of the dumbbell if needed but keep it at a somewhat challenging weight.

Scale for the run: Do a 300M Row or 600M/.40 on the bike. No cardio equipment? Replace it with 50 Jumping lunges (25 each leg).


Don’t forget to make sure each head of the dumbbell hits the ground between reps and keep your core tight throughout the movement to save your back.

This workout is meant to keep you moving, so if you're staring off with singles on the bar muscle ups or snatches, stop and scale appropriately. The goal here is at least 4 completed rounds.

The gymnastics are high volume and technical so you want to avoid going to failure on those. Sprint through the dumbbell snatches and use the run as an opportunity to either catch your breath if you’re able to go unbroken on the bar muscle ups or make up time if you find yourself breaking them up.

AMRAPs tend to be less stressful, mentally, because you know exactly how many reps are ahead of you. This way, your eyes aren’t glued to the clock and you can focus on form and quality reps.

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