Fittest Travel WOD #25

Champions keep playing until they get it right.
— Billie Jean King
Never quit, no matter what.

Never quit, no matter what.

Travel Workout #25 

From: Fittest Travel

5 Rounds For Time:

10 Burpees

15 Sit-ups

Overview: Travel workouts are workouts you can do anywhere. In the gym, at the hotel, on the beach, in the airport. There are no limits to fitness and not having a gym is not an excuse. That's why we partner with Fittest Travel, a company (and movement) built on creating a lifestyle based on travel & fitness specifically. 

They curate WOD's, habits, and other methods for never sleeping on your fitness and enhancing your lifestyle. Complete with travel hacks, motivating stories, and ingenious ways to stay fit while traveling, you'll be more than motivated after reading just a few of their blogs. 

Head to their site here, or read more about this workout down below. 

Burpees are a whole body movement, and sit-ups can be done anywhere. No mat or simple machine required to keep your core tight and fit. Watch the movement of the ab mat situp down below and get a pillow (or do it without one) to be able to do this movement anywhere. 

And if you are stuck on how to do a burpee, watch this video here.