Must Have Music #017

Ooh, baby, what you wishing’ for? Maybe you should wish it more. Maybe the world is yours. Maybe when it rains, it pours. I don’t know how to wish anymore - or do I?
— Diplo - "Wish"


I lost a friend and community member of CrossFit Southie over July 4th, and this song above has really spoken to me this past week. It's not the most upbeat song in the world, but for Diplo, I was really shocked he was able to slow things down and make them as impactful as this. He really is a versatile DJ and his music over the years has gone from crowd blasting 'Ram it down your throat' type stuff to thoughtful, meaningful music. 

He's really solidifying himself as a very talented DJ in my eyes and is obviously super successful. Trippie Redd also does a hell of a job on this track, too. Shout out to both these guys and a really incredible track that's totally taken me over this week. Love the slowdown, love the harp-esque stuff in here and love the overall vibe. It's a bit drab, but in a hopeful, awesome sort of way. - Cam 

P.S. A great song to run to, or drive to. 

Also, if you didn't know, Diplo's real name is: Thomas Wesley Pentz -  true story and fun fact. 

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hey I'm diplo

hey I'm diplo