How To Get Certified As a Yoga Instructor in Costa Rica

Add a little Pura Vida to your Namaste....Na what I mean?

So, you wanna become a Yoga that right? 

Who doesn't want to live near-to-nature and focus on the overall well-being of the human body and mind? Sound body, sound mind, right? 

Well, we've got a little tip for you today, and it all starts with a little insight with a place called Caribe Yoga Academy. Located in one of our NEWEST favorite places on the planet, our friends (formerly known as Cashew Hill) have launched an amazing retreat center known as, OMAT at Cashew Hill and you can become a yoga instructor there. 

Here's what you need first though...

According to, to become a certified yoga instructor, you need to do the following steps. 

Step 1: Learn Yoga

You should take courses in varying types of yoga to understand which style works best for you. Different types include Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Bikram yoga. In addition, the style of instruction may vary by facility and teacher. You should pay attention to these differences in order to find the type of training that fits you best.

Success Tip:

Find a mentor. A mentor can help aspiring teachers learn about various teaching techniques and styles of yoga. In addition, mentors can help aspiring yoga teachers decide which training program is most suitable. And of course, you can find a mentor at OMAT at Cashew Hill down in Puerto Viejo. 

Step 2: Complete a Teacher Training Course

Yoga teacher training includes coursework in anatomy and physiology, instructional techniques, and yoga philosophy. You'll gain hands-on experience by observing teachers and teaching classes. Many schools adhere to the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance for 200-hour and 500-hour teacher training programs.

Success Tips:

  • Network with teachers and peers. Yoga teacher training does not guarantee a job. You should network with classmates and faculty while in school.

  • Know your market. Competition among yoga teachers is strong in some areas. You may consider a unique approach to distinguish yourself from other teachers. For example, depending on the market, teachers can offer yoga tailored to golfers and other types of athletes.

  • Become certified in CPR. Most health and fitness centers require that instructors have the skills to deal with a health emergency by being certified in CPR. Students can take a CPR course while enrolled in a teacher training program.

Step 3: Get Registered

Students who complete programs that meet the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance can apply for the organization's Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) credential. Registration is voluntary, but many employers prefer credentialed instructors.

Step 4: Earn Continuing Education Credits

Most professionals in this field attend workshops and seminars to keep their knowledge up to date. Teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance are required to complete 75 hours of continuing education every three years. This includes teaching yoga for 45 hours and attending additional classes for 30 hours. RYTs who meet certain experience and education requirements can pursue advanced credentials.

Photo by: Sasha Preziosa  at OMAT at Cashew Hill

Photo by: Sasha Preziosa at OMAT at Cashew Hill

ok, so how do we go about doing this....

You can enroll in a 200-hour course at OMAT at Cashew will take you a few weeks to get it done, and yes, it will be quite intensive, but at the end of these few weeks, you'll ave learned all you need to go out into the world and practice yoga and teach your newfound wellness methods with an unlimited audience. Including CPR, breathing techniques, Reiki massage, nutrition, body poses, circadian regulation and so much more. And if you really want to know all that it includes, email OMAT here:

Not a bad way to become a full-time yogi, eh? 

Not to mention....OMAT at Cashew Hill has an on-site vegetarian cafe and near-to-nature lodging perfectly suited to entice you into the Costa Rican lifestyle. Situated on nearby, Cashew Hill, OMAT is literally steps away from the beaches of paradise on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. The town of Puerto Viejo itself is also home to several bustling restaurants, grocery stores, bars, plenty of national forests, surf camps, the border of Panama, and some animal sanctuaries. 

Sound like paradise, yet? 

It is. 

Anyway, click here to see the 200-hour course dates with Caribe Yoga Academy and watch their testimonial video down below. 

About Caribe Yoga Academy, OMAT at Cashew Hill & Puerto Viejo Limon de Telemanca, Costa Rica

Located at the OM Retreat and Training Center at Cashew Hill Jungle Lodges in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica, our instructor training programs are widely regarded as the best in the Caribbean.

This green, breathtaking sanctuary sits directly above the main town where visitors can forge a deep connection with nature in a magical and safe setting. Check out the Caribe Yoga Academy’s variety of 200 and 300 hour yoga training programs and our great selection of both immersion and non-immersion formats. The diversity in offerings and a talented, professional staff allows the Caribe Yoga Academy to serve both visitors and those living full-time in our lush jungle wonderland.

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