Cam's Book Of The Week - "Grain Brain" by Dr. David Pearlmutter

Every CrossFitter has heard of the 'Paleo Diet.' But whether or not it's actually feasible throughout your entire life is a different story...

I think the paleo diet is great and totally fascinating...I mean, it makes sense right? Only eat things that are natural and can be ascertained from the wild...but here in the 21st century, years of processed manufacturing and overpopulation has led to a massive decrease in available natural food, and it's completely crippled the farming industries. Now, our grocery stores and food marts are lined with processed grains, sugars and other synthetic foods, which are slowly killing our bodies - and we don't even know it. 

At least, that's what Dr. David Pearlmutter wants us to think. His new book titled, 'Grain Brain' focuses primarily on what he's calling, 'Diabetes Type Three.' A self-imposed disease we force ourselves into by eating years of synthetic, mass produced, unnatural 'garbage.' Pearlmutter touches upon many things in 'Grain Brain' and it's quickly becoming my favorite book. Here's some of the things he touches upon: 

  • Cholesterol is actually a good thing - and necessary for your brain to function
  • Fats are also necessary for a vast majority of bodily functions
  • Highly processed sugars and unnatural carbohydrates are sapping your brain's ability to function
  • Insulin levels can be managed effectively and moderately to greater benefits while still eating sugar
  • Our bodies adapt far better when using protein as a fuel, instead of carbohydrates
  •  A plethora of diseases such as: Alzheimer's, Cancer, Dementia and Diabetes are all linked to what we eat over decades of time
  • 100% of the vitamins and minerals humans need to function on a daily basis can be obtained from a diet consisting of about 85-90% meats and vegetables

Now, I won't preach too much here. But I did want to give a bit of insight into 'Grain Brain' because it's quickly becoming one of my favorite books, and I highly recommend it. Not to mention it's a great diet if you're trying to go on some adventure travel trips...

If you want to purchase it on Amazon, you can buy it here, or via the link below. 

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