Coach Larry's Travel WOD #4 12.2.2016

Coach Larry here with a little extra motivation to stay fit just in time for the holidays. It's not always easy with the plethora of food, candy, sugary drinks, booze and everything else, but one way to stay fit (even if there isn't a gym) around are travel WOD's. Or at home WOD's. 

They can take as little as 5-10 minutes and by using high-intensity, functional fitness bodyweight movements, you can easily stay fit while at home, on the go, or stuck in that snowy hotel room with no real gym around. 

And as you all know by now, my mantra is, 'Fitness can be found anywhere.' As a L2 CrossFit Coach and USA Weightlifting coach, I firmly believe that. 

I'll be pitching in from week to week with more travel wods on this page and will also be posting them on our blog. So, without further a due, here's my pick for this week's travel WOD. 

VRX Travel WOD #4




  • 5 PUSH-UPS

  • 10 SIT-UPS



And for those of you struggling with the air squat, here's a great video by Chris Spealler. HIPS BELOW THE KNEE GUYS!

Post your times down below. 

These travel WOD's are tough...there's no doubt about it. You will be sweating and be sore, but that's the key.

Fitness can be found anywhere and remember, it's a lifelong marathon, so don't get ahead of yourself and focus on the correct form above all else!

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