Ireland: The Green Trip

VoyEdge RX takes you to Ireland in 2020 for the first time as a company but while I am doing a little plug for the trip you should definitely be on, I wanted to give some insight and background as to why this trip to the Emerald Isle was made the way that it is. Why these places? Why this route?

Crazily enough, it started because I went there. Mind blown right? I went to all of these cities while doing a trip to London and Ireland way back in the year 2016 with my dad, some other family members, and my friend Cathy. We rented a car (that only my dad could drive for insurance purposes and I am sure he still has some nightmares to this day) and started in Dublin, made our way Cork, stopped in Killarney National Park where we hiked to the highest peak in Ireland, visited the quaint little town of Dingle on the coast of County Kerry (say that a couple times fast), barricaded ourselves in the Limerick Castle, felt queasy at the Cliffs of Moher, spent 24 hours in Galway, then finally spent the last few days exploring the gorgeous capital city of Dublin. If all of those stops sound or look familiar, it is because all of those cities, sans Cork, are on this great tour or Ireland.


I will always remember sitting in the second row of the van and could just see over the shoulder of the passen…...the driver when we came to the first roundabout. Being on the wrong side of the road and car, was a new experience for most of us, but when you come to a circle with other cars whizzing around, you have to ignore your instincts and habits. We sat at the entrance of the roundabout for a good 30 seconds before my dad got up the courage to step on the gas. With pristine coordination and timing (alright mostly luck) he was able to make it through that first one with not too many people getting angry at him. Unfortunately, it was the first of about 187 of them we see throughout the course of the week. It got better-ish.

Obviously, there is more to Ireland than driving on a different side of the road and car. As we wound through Killarney National Park and hiked up Carrauntoohil, which was fun but of course cloudy, these small towns and villages would appear. You could not help but wonder how happy these people must be around this area. The bright green rolling hills, the rock walls/fences, and the jolly form of dress everyone were wearing brought out a lot of excitement in me.

Dingle: Before the trip, I had never really heard about Dingle or what would be in store for me there. This small town nestled on the coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean was like a postcard. The people were friendly, the beer was good, the music was better, the sky was yes, cloudy, and it was perfect. Cathy and I made our own pub crawl through the streets and met anyone and everyone we could. The feel of the town resonated through me and it is a place I have not been able to shake. That feeling is one of the goals the trip by VoyEdge RX has for you.


Them cliffy cliffs: I am pretty good when it comes to heights but if there are not 3-4 meters of ground between me and the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, I might look a little flush. With that said, it is a top seven view you will remember for a lifetime. The salty North Atlantic Ocean air blows into your face and you can’t help but wonder how many people going back thousands of years have wondered at this view.

We all know Ireland is great for the things Ireland is great at. What you might not realize are all the things Ireland is great at that they are not known for. Through all the Guinness, whiskey, and shamrock exports they spread around the world, what they can not export is the feeling you have while you are there. You need to see it for yourself!