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Hello, everyone! Big exciting news coming out today from the VoyEdge RX team - our brand new itinerary for The Azores is out, open and ready for booking. I have a deep feeling it will sell out quick, as our team put a metric ton of work into it (shout out to you Sasha & Kevin!) and it’s something we are very proud of and represents a turning point for our company.

Super stoked to be starting @voyedgerx with none other than one of my best friends....@kipndale with both of us being CrossFitters and having more than a few years of working in the adventure travel industry together, one night over beers we said, "Why not combine this shit and make it a thing?" Four or five beers later, we were working on a business plan. And now 8 months (and many late nights working after working our full-time gigs) into the mix, our website has launched...we still have a lot more to do, but for now I wanted to take the time to recognize all the hard work we've out in this far. Huge shoutout to: @theflannelapron @seongboii @megjayne12 @Norrin_radd88 and the countless other friends, family and fans who have helped us thus far...and while we're still adding/finalizing our trips...we're thrilled to announce our first few sponsors such as: @trainhylete @fitvine_wine and @weliveunbound So if you're into exploring the world and crushing #WOD's then come with us and subscribe via our website----> and keep checking back as we add our first few trips on the site. We're excited for the road ahead and you should be too! #ExploreTheWorld #CrushWOD's #CrossFit #Travel #Adventure #Startup #PassionProject #TravelCompanies #CrossFitTravel #Paleo #LiveUnbound 🚀🍻💪🏽📸🌍 Stay tuned for me at: with questions, comments and concerns. #Cheers #WeekendVibes #BeMoreHuman #Metcon #Oktoberfest #BackInTheDay 🇩🇪 if you're a CrossFit coach, box, hotel, restaurant or apparel company, get ahold of us to partner up!

As it is, it’s been a while since we’ve shared some information about our company (and typically something we are kind of bat at), so I want to take a few paragraphs and rehash where we’ve been, what we’ve been doing and a little bit about who we are. If you have been on a tour with us, you know us as fun-loving, adventurous people who take things pretty light and not so seriously. Yes, all of our team loves and has a deep focus on fitness, but we are an eclectic group, with varying backgrounds from being teachers, to photographers, to beertenders, to advertising execs, sales people, to UX designers and more. We all have full-time jobs outside of VoyEdge RX but have come together about 2.5 years ago to create something special. A change we wished to see in the world.

With a few of us having been tour guides in Europe for various travel companies in our early 20’s, we used to bring hundreds of students to places like Prague, Croatia, Budapest, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Greece, Barcelona and many more places while living in Florence & Rome, Italy. It was a dream job that didn’t pay and came with a lot of hard work, little to no real pay, and a lot of time being spent on a bus each week. It wasn’t a job you could do forever, but was an incredible experience and allotted many of us the ability to travel and see some amazing parts of the world, which we are forever grateful for.

Long story short, it shaped us. Primarily Tony and I, who became friends through many of the good times we had in Europe with some truly amazing people who would quickly become some of our best friends for life. Fast forward a bit, several years after we returned to the states, Tony and I had each begun the start of our CrossFit careers (as many of the other current employees of VoyEdge RX had) and it was 2-3 years into our CF experiences that we had the striking idea to combine both fitness and travel together for an experience to be had and shared by others. Now, I am sure we weren’t the only people to have this idea (you can tell from the vast number of other CrossFit travel companies) but it was an idea worth pursuing. We sought to create something by the people, for the people and quickly began to work on our brand, mantra and itineraries.

That is somewhat of a longer story there (I’ll save it for a ‘Behind the V’ type blog) but what you need to know was our main mission, and reason for beginning this was quite simply one of the best things I ever heard. And it came from Tony in the form of a quote….

“It’s not about the money, but even if we can change one persons life from what we do here, it will all be worth it.”

It was gold. It was magic, and Tony hit the nail on the head. I knew immediately that what we were doing wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about fame, fortune, or being able to brag, it was about the opportunity to be in the business of changing lives and something that continues to inspire me from the day Tony said it. It was about the ability to create life-changing trips to amazing, off the beaten path destinations, while introducing people to forms of fitness and health that would allow people to willingly step outside their comfort zones. This was truly a company by the people, for the people and from very early on, we knew we had something that would drive and inspire us to become the best at it.

Also, if you didn’t know, “Voy” means ‘to go,’ in Spanish, edge, obviously means ‘Edge’ and ‘RX’ means ‘as prescribed.’ It was all in our name since the day we crafted it and our mission has always been the same. What I am getting at here, is that we have come a very long way since our inception. With our team having grown to a whopping 10+ people (who all dedicate and work on things in their free time) and it' has been incredible to see just how far we have come. Since the very first Instagram post as a brand on August 14, 2016 (see to the right) to leading our first Iceland & Northern Italy tours I led back in 2017, to seeing Sasha, Marc, Aimee, Kevin, Larry, Ashley, Nolan, Gina, Lauren and Tony help to redefine this brand and make it the best it can be, it’s been extremely humbling and awesome.

Overall, why we do what we do is because of the people. It’s because of you. It’s because we feel as a team there is nothing better than aiding and abetting you the ability to travel far outside your comfort zone with something we have poured our blood, sweat, toil and tears into. To us, there is simply nothing better. That is why we love leading the tours, crafting them from scratch and engaging with our community to build a following of people who love travel & fitness.

Lastly, you should know…as a company, we are on a mission to change the world. It is a longterm play, and for those members of our community who have already been on trips with us, you know why we do what we do. You know we aren’t in this for a quick money grab, you know how hard we work to forge these life-changing experiences to places like Africa, Costa Rica, Iceland, Peru, U.S. National Parks and much more. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of time, but it is something that we truly believe in. Life is too short to not travel, and that is why we will be getting better as individuals, a team, and company each and everyday. And I hope it shows in our media, blogs, photos, videos, trip pages and to you - especially when we are on tour together.

Sorry for the long, drawn out explanation, but I am so proud of how far this team has come, the endless amounts of hard work they have put in and the results and end products of our trips, testimonials and more. MANY big things to come for VRX and our community, and I can’t thank you enough for reading this….

Check out the Azores 2020 itinerary down (it speaks for itself) below and see what else is on our Trip Calendar here.



JUNE 20-26, 2020

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