#WORKOUToftheWEEK 8.03.2018


For Time:

400M Run

18 Ring Muscle Ups

400M Run

15 Rung Muscle Ups

400M Run

12 Ring Muscle Ups

Each time the athlete breaks a set of muscle-ups they must run a 200-meter lap

Time Cap: 18 minutes

In honor of the 2018 CrossFit Games being underway, we wanted to bring back another workout from 2014 back to our #WODoftheWEEK series.And this one is a burner....

This workout looked absolutely brutal, and these guys are champs. That's probably why they are in the CrossFit Games, right? Let's dive into this. 

Well, as it is, this was our team's pick for our #WODoftheWEEK series and I had FORGOTTEN about this event totally before I saw it again on our blog schedule. And after watching the above video, my favorite thing was Lucas Parker going unbroken on his first set of 18 muscle-ups. He wasn't the strongest or the fastest guy there, but he has a pretty cool CrossFit story and just honestly loves fitness. I kinda wish he won the event, too - but we digress. 

If you are an athlete who can tackle this kind of workout, awesome! Do it up! I think 45 muscle-ups would probably be out of my comfort zone on this, but maybe cutting the reps in half would be a great way to scale this workout. Or by keeping the reps the same and doing pull-ups, might be the wise option here. 

Here's what I would suggest for scaling: 

  • 400M Run

  • 9 Ring Muscle Ups

  • 400M Run

  • 8 Rung Muscle Ups

  • 400M Run

  • 7 Ring Muscle Ups

That should be doable, and something I think people would feel confident going into if you have muscle-ups. Either way, keep the reps the same, do pull-ups if you don't have mups, and the same penalty applies. 

P.S. Nice job Cody Anderson....going unbroken on all of those was epic! Look at those yellow shorts, man! Bringing it back to the days where athletes could wear what they wanted to at the games. LOVE IT! 

P.S. If you need a place to watch this year's CrossFit Games, check 'em out here. 

And if you need help on muscle-ups, use the video series down below from our coaches Marc & Aimee.

Let us know what you think about this workout, and be sure to comment down below!

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