#WODoftheWEEK 'Just walk it out'

"You should never stay at the same level. Always push yourself to the next." - Marnelli Dimzon

#WODoftheWEEK - 'Just Walk it Out'

via @CrossFitParkCity

With a team of 3: 

45-minutes of max bike calories on the Assault Bike

Goal is to get 900 or higher


Ok, here we go. 900 calories on the assault bike with a team of three? Not bad, right...? 

Well, wrong. That means, if evenly split-up, you are still doing 300 freakin' calories on the Assault bike. And if you've ever done 30 on the bike, you know it can be overwhelming and entirely atrocious all at the same time. 

No fear, though. You are supposed to eat the elephant one bite at a time. You can do this. You just finished the CrossFit Open, and even if it is going to take you 10-calories at a time, you can work and get there if you put your head down. 


Your legs after 300 calories on the bike

Your legs after 300 calories on the bike

Talk about it with your team here, but come up with a "lowest common denominator" approach where you all switch every ____ calories.

It can be 10, 20, or even 30 if you'd like. I'd say keep it hot and do 10 or even 15. 

Everyone can sprint ten calories and get it done. And at that pace, you will have plenty of rest to get through it, catch your breath and maintain an even-keeled approach through the whole thing. 

Long story short, this is an awesome WOD, will obviously fill all 45-minutes and is a true test of your cardiac fitness. Sprint it, baby! 

Good one by CrossFit Park City, drop in there if you ever are in the area. 

And for more on the 'Assault Bike' - checkout Assault Fitness here!

And remember......just walk it out. 

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