Must Have Music #006

"You know what it is." - Every rap song from 2000 on. 

Not the biggest fan of mashups, but this one caught me at the right time after a crazy day, and it was just the sort of hilarious combination of two good songs you like (or used to like 15 years ago) and it's oddly intriguing. 

Check the link to the page here. 

2Pac's voice over Crazy Town's - "Butterfly" ? Sign me the fuck up. 

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Check out a little bit more about the DJ here, who has a few awesome mash-ups, but I think this one is by far the best.

Anyways, thoughts?

Comment below, or shoot me a message to share some of your favorite tracks and we'll add it to our 'Must Have Music' list. 

Sidenote: Try not to bump your head to this song. TRY NOT TO! I DARE YOU!