Must Have Music #002 'God's Plan' - Thoreau Rework

I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me. Try’na keep it peaceful is a struggle for me.
— Drake

Not a big Drake fan here, but this Thoreau track is one you should definitely have on your CrossFit playlist here. 

It's also probably a good idea to let you know I now have listened to this song on repeat for the past 30 minutes. Talk about a song that will get you moving. Bar over burpees, anyone? 

Add it to your Soundcloud (have you signed up for an account, yet?) and listen to this jam. 

If you don't have a Soundcloud, you can add this song to your Spotify or other network using this link here. And don't forget to drop Thoreau a like on Facebook here

His video of this song is pretty rad, too. Anyways, all fire. Add it to your box's playlist and comment below with what you think of this song. 

Good things, good vibes, welcome to the VoyEdge RX music blog. Get at me with some of your favorite jams and I'll post 'em here.

- Cam //

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