Must Have Music #001 'After Midnight' - Deepshine Edit

One good thing about good music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
— Bob Marley

Welcome to the first inaugural post from VoyEdge RX about music! I am sure ALL of us will be chiming in with different types of music from house, to metal, to country, to whatever else gets you going at the box during a metcon. Either way, keep checking back for more short blogs from our team and add these songs to your playlist!

It's one thing if you're in the box, or out on the street, but good music is needed just about everywhere, and that's why we've started these shorter posts, so you can have access to some killer jams for your Soundcloud or Spotify account. 

Let's hop to it. This one comes from Deepshine on Soundcloud and is a Pretty Lights remix. 

And for me, this is a jam I can listen to at the box while squatting, or during a metcon. And if your box is like mine, they BLARE the music as loud as possible, which sometimes isn't always my favorite. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not, that's how it will always be for everyone. 

Personally, I like songs that get me in the 'zone' and have some sort of a faster, steadier beat like the one above but aren't so overbearing that it makes your heart pound out of your chest. I need to hear my breathing during a WOD, and that's why I prefer more steady jams. 

Anyway, add it to your playlist (if you have a Soundcloud) account, and get it on your boxes playlist! Every box could use a fresh ingest of new music. Coaches, pay attention here...and let us know what you think about this song down below in the comments!

Listen and read more about 'Deepshine' here

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