"Big Dogs Gotta' Eat" Coach Cam's Workout of the Week:

There is no denying it: the folks who self-identify as iron-minded heavy lifters aren't always the most enthusiastic runners, and the same is often true from the other side of the fence. And I can admit, I'm no exception to that rule: I'm a big fella. I prefer big lifts any day...

But preference taking precedent in your training, seldom leads to progress. And, while I love the barbell, running (especially slightly longer distances) is something that I've recently been working more and more into my routine because (while it begrudges me to admit) damn it, it's just good for you. And what's even more true? It's something I can get a LOT better at. And so can you.

Not the best squatter? Practice your squat more.
Not the best runner...? Well? You get the point.

On top of that, you and I both know, forcing physical adaptation is all about getting your body outside of its comfort zone, and pushing performance by embracing simple, effective combinations. And this one is a doozy.

Running? Meet heavy bar/dumbells in this week's gem I'm calling

"Big Dogs Gotta' Eat"-

2 Rounds for time:
1.5 Mile Run
15 Barbell Squat Clean Thrusters (Men: 175lbs/Women: 115lbs)

(Scaled: reduce weight as needed to keep moving with at least regular, heavy singles on your lifts. Equivalent Dumbbells as weights will work just fine in lieu of a loaded barbell).

Points of performance:
-For the runs, make sure you think about pacing, and set yourself a time goal!
-For the thrusters, make sure you warm up your weights, keep a safe, flat back in your pull off the ground, and drive through your hips out of the catch, locking out each rep completely before the next.

With a barbell:

Or, with dumbbells:

Lastly, have some fun with it! 

Challenge a friend who is faster than you, or push yourself to move perfectly with someone who you admire as a lifter.

Post your times/reflections in the comments!

And remember: Big Dogs Gotta' Eat!

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