#MustHaveMusic #008

"Life's a game made for everyone, and love is the prize." - Swedish DJ Avicii


Tim Bergling, also known as, 'Avicii' died this past weekend on 4/21/2018 and the whole world reacted to the sad news with an outpouring of love and emotion all over social media. 

And while his death is extremely sad, I want to remember a lot of his work over the years, all around the world with a remix of one of his original tracks: Levels.

Now, I was in college when this song came out, and while the original above is totally awesome, the remix version that Skrillex did just after the song came out was even better. 

Take a listen here. 

Tim Bergling "Avicii"

Tim Bergling "Avicii"

Now, that is a pretty rad song. And regardless of whether or not you are a dubstep, Skrillex, or even Avicii fan here, there's no doubting the creativity going on here. I remember this track as really being the pinnacle of my college career, at so many different parties and the everlasting, "....I get a good feeling," lyrics will never leave me. 

RIP, Avicii - you truly left an impact on the world with your music - and that's something every artist strives for. And the world will not forget you. 

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