Must Have Music #005

"My music will tell you more about me than I ever will."

Got another banger here for you this week and I could not be more stoked about sharing this.....I was going for a run last week when this came on my 'Discover' playlist on SoundCloud (if you're not on SoundCloud wtf are you doing?!) and I was IMMEDIATELY amped. 

Stepping away from the argument over whether or you're supposed to listen to music when you run or not, anytime you are moving you are probably in dire need of some good beats. And my music tastes are really all over the place, but something I can always ALWAYS listen to without a doubt is this sort of rythmic-funk like we have above. 

Anyway, I added it to my playlist and probably listened to it another 3-4 times while on my run. Made for an epic way to start the day. I highly suggest adding this to your playlist and following 'Manic Focus' on Instagram

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And if you're in Austin, TX - catch these guys with some other killer artists at this event here.