By: Marc Young


The 2018 CrossFit Open is upon us, and we know how hyped up everyone gets about it. This year, I have decided to write a weekly series of short blogs giving you tid bits of advice, or my own personal opinion, on matters related to the Open. And it starts today, so be excited!

Without further ado, TIP #1 for the 2018 open is:


A weird tip it may seem, but I say it form the heart people. There are a very large number of benefits to taking the judges course, all of which you should consider, then sign up and take it.

For starters, it will give you a personal understanding of what is expected in order for you to hit movement standards. In the course, there are videos of athletes performing movements. In the course, you must judge correctly if you are to pass. What you will find is that a lot of the “no reps” on the judge's course videos would often be considered “good reps” by the average CrossFit enthusiast. The Open is a legitimate worldwide competition, and it is very important to be aware of what is and is not a rep, so you can hold yourself and those around you accountable. Taking this course will ensure ultimate understanding and get you 100% ready to go.

Once you pass this course, you can also be an official judge for the open at your affiliate! If you have a friend who needs to have their reps counted, you can officially judge them. Many affiliates have athletes who do not have this certification judge others in the gym, and in the unlikely event that an athlete at the gym makes it to regionals, this would totally screw them. In order to technically stay in the competition, you must have a certified judge, so this will be a big win for your gym community.

On top of all the mumbo-jumbo listed above, the judge's course just may give you a sneaky little peak as to what movements may or may not be in the open. The vast majority of movements in the judge's course appear on the open. This is not a mutually exclusive list, but the vast majority of movements seen in the course appear in open workouts. So take the course, and then start preparing!

What will be in the open this year?

What will be in the open this year?

Hopefully this has inspired some of you to check out the course! It isn’t free but it doesn’t cost much and it has a lot of benefits to help you and those around you this Open season! Stay tuned for more tips for the 2018 Open, we will be in touch.

Until then, stay active my friends! 

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~ Marc Young

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