You Need To Go Ice Climbing & Snowmobiling in Iceland

It's not too often you catch yourself in a moment and say, 'Damn, I can't believe where I am right now.'

Taking it all in....Iceland's Southern Coast

Taking it all in....Iceland's Southern Coast

For me, that moment happened a couple times last year, on our first ever VoyEdge RX group tour to Iceland. 

We had nearly 20 people sign-up and did everything explore the crashed U.S. Navy DC-3 airplane that came to a skidding halt on the black sand beaches, to exploring Iceland's amazing waterfalls, Southen Coast, going ATV'ing up and over a mountain, and even workout at CrossFit Reykjavik, where both Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir both train when they are at home. 

VoyEdge RX Staff members from right to left: Cam King, Ashley Studer & Larry Thomas

VoyEdge RX Staff members from right to left: Cam King, Ashley Studer & Larry Thomas

We did a lot of cool stuff, had plenty of laughs, and enjoyed the near arctic summers up in Iceland while watching midnight sunsets and SO much more. Not to mention CrossFit Reykjavik also mentioned we were the first ever, 'Fitness vacation company,' to bring people to their box. Not really CrossFit games prizeworthy, but pretty cool nonetheless. 

The Sun Voyageur statue in Iceland at midnight. Photo by: Kevin Walsh

The Sun Voyageur statue in Iceland at midnight. Photo by: Kevin Walsh

Point is: We did A LOT of cool shit there, and Ashley, Larry and I had a BLAST with our group. From partying the night away in Reykjavik with those $11 beers (yes, that expensive) to exploring lava caves, and seeing Geysirs go off just feet away from us, there were a lot of memories to relive, and the photos that Kevin took are simply stunning. See above ^^

That being said, it's nearly impossible to do everything you'd want to do in a place like Iceland, and no matter what you choose to do, you really can't go wrong. The one thing you run short of is time. And everything from the Blue Lagoon, to seeing Thingvellir National Park, and more is calling you to adventure.

So, how do you pick? 

Obviously, you have to see the touristy stuff. From the Golden Circle, to the Blue Lagoon, the Southern Coast, and more - and that's exactly what we did on our first tour. Maybe it didn't FULLY fit into the mold and mantra of what VoyEdge RX was going to be, but we had to play it a bit safe, because we didn't know what we were getting into. 

Aimee Arnold at Gulfoss Waterfall! Picture by: Kevin Walsh in July 2017

Aimee Arnold at Gulfoss Waterfall! Picture by: Kevin Walsh in July 2017

That's why we had an awesome time revamping our 2018 Iceland tour, and added a few more adventurous things like Ice Climbing and Snowmobiling on a glacier to the trip. Yes, seeing the Waterfalls was awesome, but let's go ice climbing behind them. Let's take a sled and zip over a glacier at 40-60 mph! Let's get adventurous! This is what VoyEdge RX is all about!

Anyway, I wanted to share two videos that highlight these activities from our upcoming 2018 Iceland tour, and I hope you think about joining our crew for this summers adventurous itinerary! 


Looks absolutely epic, right? Who wouldn't want to do add this to their bucket list? From what I found, you first see Iceland's famous Golden Circle area, then head to the Langökull Glacier where the tour provider outfits you with a jumpsuit and you take off in formation across this epic 'Game of Thrones-esque' landscape.

giphy (3).gif

Seriously mindblowing, and the tour lasts almost two hours. Talka bout surreal.

Have you ever spent two hours on a snowmobile? It's a damn long time, and although I am sure there are plenty of stops along the way, like most Iceland tours - they stop to not only show you what's on the horizon, but they teach you as well.

Add it to the bucket list for sure. 


Last year, on our Southern Coast tour, we saw everything at a blistering (but awesome) pace, we had enough time for our bus driver to take us to something special.  The Sólheimajökull Glacier....we walked right up to the glacier where it retreats in the summer and our guide told us all about it. How far it usually retreats, how this glacier impacts the surrounding landscape, feeds the local waterfalls, and even stories about elves, trolls and more. It was absolutely epic. 

What was cool about it, was way UP in the distance you could see groups of people ice climbing the glacier with guides and ropes in tow. Fuck. I thought to myself. We should be doing that. 

Obviously, you live and learn, but in year two of VoyEdge RX, I wasn't going to make that mistake. This year, we added it in the trip, and for damn good reason. This is another bucket-list item you need to do at some point. 

the best part is, you don't need any experience, they provide all the equipment, show you the route, and are there for 100% safety and education of ice climbing on the glacier. Plus, can you imagine the extraordinary sense of accomplishment after doing something like this? 

And that's really what VoyEdge RX is all about. Compiling awesome stuff for everyone to do during their lives. Yes, we will be creating and crafting these tours when we can, but we also want to highlight some of the coolest things to do out there in the world.

It's time to get out there and start living. Hope to see you on our Iceland 2018 tour.

More blogs to come. FInd our Iceland 2018 tour in the Trip Calendar link down below.

Chat soon, all! 

~ Cam

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