7 Tips to Optimize Your Workspace to Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Few things are as detrimental to your health as a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in one chair all day, staring at a screen can have some irreversible impacts on your body if you don’t make the area ergonomically sound for you.

One benefit you get from creating an ergonomic environment is a massive reduction in neck and shoulder pain. Even if you don’t have either of these problems right now you might end up with them if you don’t take immediate precautions:

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Get a Back Rest

You need to make sure that your back is correctly supported when you are working in your office. You can also get an extra bit of lumbar support for this purpose. If your back has all the support it needs, your neck and shoulder will usually be in peace as well.


Make sure Your Chair has Arm Rests

Make sure your chair has armrests, and it is best if they are adjustable. Having your arms flail around and not having a resting point while you are working can mean bad news for your shoulders. Always remember to adjust the armrests to the level of your arms before you start using your chair. 

Change Your Chairs When it’s Time

An average chair lasts for a long time, usually 5-8 years, but many of us grind our chairs a lot longer than that. If you see the chair withering away because of all the years it has accumulated, stop trying to make it work for ten extra years and get a new one. Your neck and shoulders will thank you eventually.

Free up Some Space for a Quick Workout

Make sure that you don’t sit in one position for extended time periods. Every two hours or so, get out of your chair and do a quick workout routine. It doesn’t have to be something extensive and challenging; you can do a two-minute warm up and go about with some push-ups or a bit of aerobics. Simply stretching your upper body after a warm-up is enough to keep your neck and shoulder relaxed throughout the day.


Adjust Your Monitor Screen Accordingly

Staring at your monitor screen at the wrong angle can also be bad for your neck because you will have to move it around repeatedly. If your screen is not adjustable, you can easily get an adjustable dual monitor arm in Singapore and make it work for you.

Get a Standing Desk

You can also replace your usual work desk with a standing desk. Another option is to get a sitting and standing desk. It will prevent you from spending your days in a sedentary manner and your shoulders and neck can get all the relief that they need.


Keep the Keyboard and Mouse Close to You

Extending your arms to reach the keyboard and the mouse can also put unnecessary strain on your neck and your shoulders. So make sure that both of these things are close enough for you not to strain your arms too much.

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