Your Official Iceland Toolkit


By: Brittany O’ Bright (Iceland 2018 VoyEdge RX Alumni)

If you’re reading this its because you have already booked your ticket to Iceland and counting down the days till you take off OR you are thinking about it as your next destination and gathering more information before you request those vacation days. Either way, I’ve got you covered with what I consider the most essential tools to have in your back pack when travelling around Iceland. 

Rain Jacket

Yes its true, it rains in Iceland and that rain is as unpredictable as Kanye West. Having a rain jacket on hand will be handy to dodge the sporadic rain while you are out and about in Reykjavik shopping or admiring one of the many waterfalls in Iceland such as Skógafoss. Don’t let those blue skies and sunny days fool you, because the rain is always around the corner.


Iceland can get cold, windy and very unpredictable.

Iceland can get cold, windy and very unpredictable.

Iceland experiences a lot of cloudy days and in the summer of 2018, Iceland had experienced the cloudiest, coldest days of any summer yet. Which would leave you to believe you can leave the sunglasses at home! But don’t be mistaken, that when you are out ice glacier climbing or snowmobiling, the sun will shine through those clouds and reflect off the ice making it imperative that you have a pair of shades to dodge those rays.


Having a pair of slim gloves such as the North Face Etip Gloves will ensure you have some warm layers for cooler days. As you embark on an ice glacier climb or crawl through caves, having a pair of thin gloves on hand will be a great way to stay warm without feeling over heated in those summer months. The Icelandic may be used to the cold, but if its not your thing you will be glad you brought these along.

Waterproof Phone Case

While you may not be swimming along side the whales or puffins, you may want to try out scuba diving between the northern and European plates or relaxing in the blue lagoon. Either way, having a waterproof phone case will allow you to capture every moment of these once in a life time excursions. Because if you didn’t post it on Instagram did it really happen?


If you are like me you are always thinking of your next meal. So having snacks like protein bars on hand will allow you to contain that hangry side of you. You can pack ahead or Iceland has a ton of great grocery stores to stock up before you hit the road. Having these snacks on hand will ensure you avoid paying for the over priced food options at tourist destinations during your travel. 

Enjoy your travels to Iceland and don’t say I didn’t tell you so! And if you need a more extensive packing list, read this blog from the VRX staff!

Hope to see you on a future trip!

~ Brittany O’ Bright

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