Must Have Music #020

Let’s take a moment and see how far we can explore. Body to body, a distant we open your door.
— Moksi


This song came out last year, May 23rd to be exact, but I just heard it for the first time today amidst a plethora of shitty music on my Spotify and Soundcloud playlists. Finally, with a lot of reluctance, I turned to YouTube and just his 'Discover' hoping for the best, and you know what?

YouTube fucking delivered. 

Through my Thursday fogginess, this song hit me like a 45-degree ocean wave on a hot summer afternoon. It immediately cut away the clutter and woke me back up to power through the rest of the afternoon. Usually, I like to mix it up (I posted a Yellow Claw track two weeks ago), but this one was just too good and I have to add it to our upcoming playlist. 

Anyway, thank god. I needed it. This track is sweet. Plus, the lyrics by Jonna Fraser, a dutch R&B singer's voice pierced right into my eardrums and woke me up like nobody's business. As soon as I heard it, I turned over to look at the video and immediately recognized Iceland. After that, I was hooked and watched every second of the vid. Backed behind some slick beats by Moksi and produced by Yellow Claw, this song got right to me and I had to replay it about 7-8 times (still listening to it, actually). 

Iceland peeps - recognize any landscapes in this video?

P.S. check out our Iceland photos from our recent tour here. 

Anyway, I'll share a bit more about the artists down below but let me know what you think about this song down below in a comment. I would love to know.

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P.S. We will be making a Spotify playlist to follow along SOON! 

Comment below with your thoughts and stay in touch. 

- Cam

And lol....look at these screen captures of Moksi and Yellow Claw. What are they looking at - and are they wearing all-white Carhartt clothing in the desert? Also, where can I get those sweet blue bucket hats, Moksi? Lastly, Jonna Fraser killed it with these lyrics. 


We are Yellow Claw and we are awesome.


yellow claw


jonna fraser