Must Have Music #010

No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative....gets the people going
— Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory

If you've never seen Blades of Glory, watch the above clip right now...the movie in and of itself isn't the greatest thing ever, but there are some HILARIOUS one liners, and more importantly, the above quote itself has been tied into the 'Ni**az in Paris' song by Kanye West & Jay-Z. 

That's probably where you know it from, but regardless, it's an awesome quote and true as hell. 

Now, let's get into another epic song that I haven't been able to get out of my head this week, and you NEED to add this to your box playlist ASAP. In fact, it's probably already on there, because that's how I found out about this jam right here....

There I the middle of a workout and this song came blasting on and hit me like a horse kick to the chest. It was so good, I actually stopped in the middle of the workout and walked over to the iPod to see who the artist was. I got chastised for it after the WOD (and also a bit during it) but it was worth it, and I added it to my playlist as soon as I was back home. 

Take a listen. 

Party Favor is based out of San Diego, CA and has a lot of awesome collaborations with the likes of Baauer, Gucci Mane, Dillon Francis, and a lot of others. And he has about 162K followers on SoundCloud, so you know he's doing something right. 

Either way, this mix is a fire jam, and whether you're in the middle of a heavy barbell workout, or at the club, this is absolutely a fire mix you can get down with. Short, sweet, full of bass and something that really gets the people goin'. 

You just have to be in the mood to listen to it, ha!

Let me know what you think about this track down in the comments, and I hope ya like it! 

Much love,

- Cam 

Follow Party Favor on SoundCloud here.

Read more about Party Favor below:

Follow @partyfavormusic on IG

Follow @partyfavormusic on IG

Follow Party Favor on SoundCloud here.

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