Must Have Music #004

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
— Hans Christian Andersen

Listen, a lot of good music coming out of Amsterdam lately. I know that's not really new news, but I feel inclined to give Holland a shoutout here, as I keep coming across more and more artists/DJ's who are really coming out with some original 'house-related' music and I'm constantly impressed when I first hear it. 

This track above by Don Diablo is pretty rad. I first heard it at my box, CrossFit Southie, as it somehow landed on one of my coaches playlists and I was thoroughly impressed. I feel like a lot of boxes just stick to the same tunes, but it's always nice and refreshing to be working out to some new tunes you haven't heard yet. I guess that's part of the reason why I wanted to create this 'Must Have Music' blog so that we could introduce fresh new tracks that our team really, I hope you add some of 'em to your playlists!

Anyways, props to you CrossFit Southie. Thank you for introducing me to this song! 

If you want to read more about Don Diablo, do it here on his SoundCloud account. Oh, and did we mention he has 1.3 million IG followers? Guess he's doing something right. 

GREETINGS from DENMARK 🇩🇰 #BetterFuture #TourLife

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